What is important to look for in a contractor? What questions should I ask?

A track record of success with waterproofing and restoration is critical, and references are the key to determining whether that experience will work for you. You should ask your contractor for references, how often they get business from referrals, and how often property managers hire them for additional jobs. It’s also important to find out about the crew that will be assigned to your job – their level of experience, tenure with the company, and safety record. A good waterproofing and restoration company will have long-time employees and low turnover. Importantly, you’ll want a crew that respects your property and the people who visit it – so ask the contractor how they’ll restore or repair while you’re still operating a business at the facility. Ask for proof of insurance. Your vendor should also be prepared to walk you through their bid, explaining cost of materials, labor and other factors. In short, you want a contractor that you trust and who communicates freely with you.


What’s the best time to bring in a waterproofing and restoration company?

Safety is the number one consideration when evaluating leak repairs and other waterproofing and restoration projects. You don’t want to be liable should anyone on your property become injured or ill because of water infiltration or façade decay. Property owners who postpone waterproofing and restoration typically pay a higher price in the long run, in the form of repairs to the damage caused by the leak and insurance deductibles or higher premiums. Allstar Waterproofing and Building Restoration, Inc. is available to inspect your property and provide a complete analysis. The inspection can typically determine the cause of the leak and action required for remediation. Allstar also provides preventive maintenance plans for its clients, indicating the expected lifespan of certain sealants and coatings and when replacement or restoration should next be planned to prevent leaks or damage.